AWESOME logoLRThe goal of the AWESOME’s Program is to Advance Women Entrepreneurs through Skill-development, Opportunity-identification, Manufacturing-advice and Export-marketing. To advance your development, growth and expansion, this program offers customized business services. We provide growth and development consulting, skill development training, coaching, networking and other related services that will advance your business.

The Program is available to women entrepreneurs located in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. AWESOME is offered as an initiative of the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre), with funding provided by The Government of Canada through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) Eco-System Fund.

AWESOME Program will help you through the steps of Developing Your Idea, Planning Your Business and Taking Action.  Take a look at our program highlights:

  • Skill Development  
    Customized programming will be offered to address the essential skills that are needed to start and grow a successful food processing business. Skills training, offered in each of the three Prairie provinces, will cover the topics of Food Safety, Regulatory Requirements, Labeling and Packaging, Human Resources, Marketing, Exporting, Financial Management and other relevant topics.

  • Mentoring and Networking 
    Aspiring women entrepreneur will be given the opportunity to learn from successful business owners with like-minded interests and experiences. Networking events will be held to provide opportunities for women to make meaningful connections with business owners in the food industry.  Where possible, AWESMOME will match new entrants to the Food Processing Sector with mentors who can provide valuable guidance and advice as women entrepreneurs work to develop their food business enterprises.

  • Business Development Advice and Coaching 
    Women entrepreneurs will have access to business advisory services designed to address issues such as: business planning; strategic planning; domestic marketing; exporting and other important business development issues. Technical assistance during product development will be available to program clients on a fee-for-service basis by contracting the provincial Food Centres that are partners in the planning and implementation of the AWESOME program.

All this and more! The program will be offered to women entrepreneurs in the Food Processing Industry and who are interested in the development, expansion and/or marketing of a food product. Specific groups of women who are underrepresented in the food processing sector will be targeted. Women working with food processing ventures in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta will be eligible to participate.

Program Manager

Kim Sanderson is an Agri-Food Business Consultant with the AWESOME Team. She works with women entrepreneurs to help them develop and grow their businesses in the agri-food processing industry. Kim comes to the AWESOME program with a background in agri-food industry consumer marketing and with ten years of experience in business consulting. For the past two years Kim has been working with the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Saskatchewan instructing agribusiness management, marketing, and business planning courses. Kim has also been a team member with the International Technical Education Development for Modernised Agriculture in Ghana (TEDMAG) Project where she has developed curriculum for agricultural colleges in Ghana.

Kim's contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 306-975-6856  visit for more information on this program for women entrepreneurs.