Do you have a product idea?

The Food Centre’s line of expertise include food and process development, interim processing, extrusion technology, skills development, food safety education and training, quality assurance, technology transfer and path-finding. The Centre’s federal processing facilities are Saskatchewan’s only commercial incubation centre for food processing.

Our wide range of services cater to any size agri-businesses. From mom and pop operations to SMEs and multi-national companies. We customize our services to suit your business needs.

Do you have a product idea? Are you interested in entering the plant-based market?  Are you looking to expand your market and require scale up processing?  Follow these steps and we'll do our best to match our  expertise to your business needs. 

Step 1
Fill out our online Prospectivie Client Form. The questionnaire provides the Food Centre with details about your product idea and will assist us in tailoring ours services to move your project forward. 

Step 2
Once received, please allow a week for our staff to review your material. If the information received is complete and clearly indicates your product idea and business objectives, a Food Centre staff will be in contact with you by phone or email to arrange for the initial meeting. If there are questions with regard to your questionnaire, we will call or email you to clarify.

Step 3
The first meeting is an informal discussion of your product idea, business objectives and identifying what Food Centre services are needed to address your project. Please come prepared with detailed information on your project.  Clients are encouraged to bring a prototype, competitor's product, packaging suggestions, etc to this initial meeting.  On occasion, 1-2 meetings are scheduled to ensure that the client is ready to obtain the services of the Food Centre.

Step 4
If the objective is clear and the client has financial backing, the Food Centre will draft and forward a contract outlining an estimated cost of services and projected timeline for the project.

Check out our “Food Processors Guide”, a step-by-step guide to getting started in the food processing industry. The guide provides a brief and concise overview of the food processing industry and how to start up a food processing company on their own.

Prior to meeting with the Food Centre for the initial meeting, clients is required to conduct research on markets, promotion, distribution, packaging of your product and competitors’ products.

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