A Taste of the Canadian North

bushman bar imageFive years in the making, owners of Boreal Berry Bar Inc., JoJo Cormier and Dr. Karen Pain, are proud to launch their gluten-free Bushman’s Bar, made from naturally nutritious ingredients found in the Boreal Forests of Northern Canada.

Each 60 gram Bushman's Bar is packed full of natural ingredients that are part of the diet of the animals who live in the Boreal Forest. Wild rice, honey, wild blueberries, cranberries, and sour cherry all grow in the Boreal Forest. They come together in The Bushman's Bar to create a soft, chewy explosion of flavour and nutrition, making it a “Wildly Nutritious and Berry Delicious” wild rice berry bar.

The Bushman’s Bar is new on the market, but consumers are already saying great things about this nutrition bar. Visit their website www.borealberrybar.com to read the many testimonials. After reading these, you will want to try a Bushman’s Bar for yourself and experience a taste of the Canadian North!

The Bushman’s Bar is now being sold online via their website as well as at the Wellness Farmers’ Market in Winnipeg, MB and the Brandon Farmer’s Market.

The Food Centre is proud to have worked with Boreal Berry Bar Inc. in the areas of Product Development, Processing, Labelling Regulations and packaging, to bring the Bushman's Bar to market.