Product Development Kitchen

The Food Centre’s Product Development Kitchen is well equipped with the latest benchtop gadgets to create those special formulations and unique prototypes. Depending on the quantity required, test samples can be created to showcase/test at a small tradeshow or to your buyers. Some equipment include a bar sealer, vacuum packaging machine, mixer, coater, etc.

If product development services are required, the Food Centre will draft up a Product Development Contract outlining the specifics to the project and the services required. The Food Centre’s food scientists will work closely with you to perfect your formulation before it goes to production trial.

The Food Centre provides a variety of development services for product refinement, enhancement or new formulation development. Our Quality Assurance & Quality Control Laboratory is available test new food concepts for food safety.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Laboratory

Troubleshooting and supporting the Food Centre’s in-house product development kitchen and processing facilities are the main purposes of the laboratory. Equipment available at the laboratory assists with food analysis such as sensory, protein, fat, pH, moisture, etc.

Key contact: Sara Lui, Manager of Product Development This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.