Development Services

The Food Centre offers a variety of services for food product development. New and improved food products and processes are our specialities. Whether it is a single service or a multitude of services, the product development team will work with the client to ensure that the product is market ready.  We will evaluate the product for shelf stability, consistency, taste, texture, labelling and appropriate packaging.

  • Nutrition Labelling
  • Packaging Evaluation
  • Process Development
  • Label Review
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Product Formulation and Testing
  • Reformulating for health and wellness

Nutritional Labelling

Having a nutrition facts table has never been more important to consumers than today. Regulatory agencies have made it mandatory for most food products sold in retail to have a nutrition facts table on their product label.

The Food Centre uses the Genesis software to generate and format regulatory-compliant nutritional labels (to Canadian, U.S. and other countries depending on your target market) for your packaging. If your product requires a health claim, our team can guide you in the process of assessing your formulation for nutrient content, function and dietary health claims.

Packaging Evaluation
Product packaging plays an integral part of the overall look of your product. The packaging not only has to be appealing, but it needs to meet consumer expectations for convenience and food safety.

What would be the best packaging to use for optimal shelf life and maintain quality for your product? The Food Centre can assist in finding the optimum and most cost effective packaging solution for your product.

Process Development
After a product has gone through the development stage, process developments are implemented. This stage ensures that the product characteristics do not change as it goes through the scale up process. The Food Centre’s federally inspected facility is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified through CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and ensures products are safe and free of contamination throughout production.

Label Review
Not sure what should go on a food label? The Food Centre can assist you in reviewing your label to ensure that the label content follows food labelling regulations. If the product is regulated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and requires manufacturing in a federal facility, the Food Centre will walk you through the federal label development process to ensure all regulated information is on your label before submitting to CFIA for approval.

Shelf Life Testing
Launch with confidence knowing that your product will be shelf stable and safe for consumers. The Food Centre offers various levels of shelf life testing, real-time and accelerated.

The Food Centre can test your product for micro-organisms and recommend a solution to keep your product safe.

Sensory Evaluation
Sensory evaluation is an important step in the product development process. This step involves a panel of individuals to taste the prototype on characteristics such as taste, texture, appearance, etc. Tests are conducted under controlled conditions. Resulting information is analyzed by trained scientists and used to improve the overall acceptance of the product being developed.

Sensory evaluation can also be used to evaluate and compare competitors’ products; evaluate a product throughout its shelf life; and identify how an ingredient substitute affects the current product characteristics.

Product Formulation and Testing
The Food Centre has the capability to help you determine the technical requirements for manufacturing a safe product. Home recipes will need some level of modification to adapt to commercial scale production. A team of food science specialists at Food Centre can help you modify your recipe while maintaining your quality standards and product characteristics.

A recipe could need modification for the following reasons:

  • ingredient measurements must all be standardized by weight or volume.
  • sourcing and volume buying may be a problem for certain ingredients.
  • all ingredients must be food grade and adhere to government regulations.
  • you may require the use of additives and preservatives to produce a safe and stable product.
  • ingredients may have to be substituted to aid in processing and shelf life.
  • products must remain stable throughout the entire distribution chain – from processor to consumer.
  • once the food is mass-produced it must conform to certain specifications such as viscosity, density, particle size, uniformity, thermal properties and other processing parameters.

Each ingredient used in recipe formulation contributes a distinct characteristic to the product. Altering or substituting any one ingredient may upset the balance in formulation and may lead to changes in product safety, stability or quality. The Food Centre will examine the combination of ingredients, products, physical and chemical properties to ensure your cooking and packaging methods will give you a safe and high quality product.

Reformulating for Health and Wellness
The health and wellness trend is here to stay.  As consumers' busy lifestyles get busier, quick to prepare good for you foods are being looked upon to replace the home-cooked meals.  Health professionals, industry, and government are all aware of the health crisis in the world.  As food processors we have a huge impact. As the market demand for healthier foods start to climb, Saskatchewan's agricultural powerhouse can play a huge role in reformulation and finetuning for health and wellness.  Our team of experts can help you to reformulate or develop a new recipe for this huge market.