• Q: What does the Food Centre do? +

    The Food Centre is an interim processing, product development and food safety training facility. Our staff and facility is equipped to cater to many sectors.
  • Q: I have a recipe that’s been in my family for years. When I prepare it for my friends, they think it’s better than what's currently out in the market. How do I proceed to get my product to retail shelves? +

    You should establish a draft business plan and marketing plan for your product. Do some research. How will it compare to the competitors’ products on price, packaging and distribution? Where do you plan to sell your product – specialty stores, retail chains, hotels, restaurants, institutions, or farmer’s market? The more you know about your potential market, the better. Once you are confident that your product can be marketable, fill out the Food Centre’s online prospective client package. A Food Centre staff will be in contact to set up a meeting to discuss your project in detail.
  • Q: I’ve been processing my product at home in my health inspected kitchen and selling it to friends and farmer’s market. Now I want to take it to the next level, what do I have to do? +

    After completing a business plan and marketing plan for your product, fill out the Food Centre's online prospective client package. A Food Centre staff will be in contact to set up a meeting to discuss your project in detail.

    The Food Centre offers a federally inspected facility a.k.a Pilot Plant for your manufacturing needs. It is equipped with state of the art technologies to manufacture a variety of food products, from jams, meats, snack bars to juices. We will take a look at your process and provide the necessary services to help transfer or modify your process for our Pilot Plant. Our expert staff will assess your ingredient list and manufacturing process for commercial scale up.

  • Q: How do I know if my product is shelf stable? +

    The Food Centre offers several shelf life testing options. Call or email us to find out which test is best suited for your product.
  • Q: Nutrition labelling is now mandatory. What do I have to do to have my label comply with regulations? +

    You will need to contact a qualified lab to do one of two things to generate a nutrition table for you to put on your package label. You can have your products analyzed and tested for exact nutritional value or have your nutritional values generated through a database. There are some pros and cons with each approach. Doing a lab analysis of your product is more accurate but expensive. Using the database approach is less accurate but accepted by CFIA and less expensive.
  • Q: Does the Food Centre offer specialized analysis of my food product? +

    Yes, we do. We can test for ph, Brix, fat content, moisture, protein, water activity, etc. To obtain pricing for a specific service, contact the Food Centre.
  • Q: I grow a particular crop and would like to explore value added opportunities. Can the Food Centre help me with this process? +

    The Food Centre has worked with many clients in brainstorming product ideas. We would set up a brainstorming meeting to discuss your business objective and come up with some product suggestions. A proposal would be drafted outlining the services and costs required for this project.
  • Q: Our facility would like to be HACCP compliant. Does the Food Centre offer any assistance in this area? +

    The Food Centre’s Food Safety & Skills Development Team is your answer. We can do on-site assessment of your current situation in your facility and review your current HACCP/food safety plan. We’ll make suggestions or help develop new HACCP plans for your products. Click here for more information on our HACCP or other food safety services.
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The Food Centre administration office is located in the Peterson Building. Our federal facility is around the back of the Peterson Building. Pay parking is available across the street (Lot 4) in addition to meter parking along the building.


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